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Korea Trip - 1ST day Evening + Night (9 Feb 2012)

Right after we watching B.A.P, we went to Gangnam streets where INFINITE promoted ‘Be Mine’ while shooting for Sesame Player 2. Me and my friends wanna look for the cafe and the BIG SCREEN TV~! Anyway, there’re too many cafes and TVs along the streets….We are not sure which is the one that appeared in Sesame Player 2~ XDDD

At around 6pm, we met our Taiwan INSPIRIT friend and we off to meet my Thai INSPIRIT friend. Walking on the streets during winter is suffering… @___@ since I’m staying in a 365-days summer country!! But it’s fun at the same time! haha~

At first, my Thai friend invited us to have dinner in the resto that near to Infinite’s practice room (the one that appeared in Sesame Player 2)….but since earlier on,we have planned to visit somewhere, so I just rejected my Thai friend’s offer and heading to another destination~ sobsss~ promise U(my thai friend) to see u again!!! ^__^ v

It’s already 10 something when we’re in the subway. We were so worried that the restaurant that we wanna go will close once we get there. PLus, we don’t know the way even though we have the directions with us… T^T

However, we met two friendly korean girls once we reached there. Two of my friends approached them and ask for direction. When they 1st saw us, it seemed like they wanna avoid us, hahaha~ coz we talk to them in english~ XDD but luckily we still have some korean basic and one of the Korean girls can understand a bit english~ when my friend showed them the name of the resto, the 1st thing she said: OHHHH~ INPINITEU?! hahaha~ we’re so excited and screaming on the street in that late night! LOL~ first, she tried to tell us the way, but then later, the girls offered us to walk us there!! THEY ARE SO KIND AND NICE!

After approximately of 7 minutes walk, we reached our DESTINATION! JJA JJANG!! ^^ Dongwoo’s mummy restaurant~!! 

The korean girl introduced us to the Dongwoo’s mummy (^.^) and we kept bowing to them and say kamsahamida kamsahamnida! 

There is no customer inside, I bet they might wanna close soon since it’s almost 11pm already. But we told dongwoo’s mom that we are hungry, we haven’t have our dinner, so we asked her whether can we eat over there. But since dongwoo’s mummy can’t understand english, she quickly asked Dongwoo’s sister for help~ XDDD Dongwoo’s sister is good in english! I mean, she can speak and understand us! ^__^ (better than dongwoo for sure!! XDD) 

Then suddenly, there’s a girl entering the resto, I kinda recognize her since i saw her on TV before, she’s dongwoo’s sister~!! kekeke~ and I was like: oh~ thats dongwoo’s sister~! then the girl who serving us introduced herself is the eldest sister of dongwoo while the girl who just entered is the 2nd sis~ ^^

They recommended us to have this(below) Jju kku mi aka little octopus~ ^^

It’s spicy BUT DELICIOUS!! yummy!

They prepared a lot of side dishes for us also. And ppa jeon(pancake) since one of our friends can’t eat spicy food~ 

Dongwoo’s mummy is so so so so so nice!! she kept serving us, she put the jju ku mi on the vege, folded it and asked us to eat in one shot! I don’t have big mouth…I almost choked myself while eating~!! LOL

And she tried her best to communicate with us. She asked where’re we coming from….is the food nice…why we are here…bla bla bla~ we did have a nice talk~ ^^ She is one of the nicest moms~ I have the feeling of being home when i was there~ 

These are the walls inside the resto. It is full of dongwoo’s pictures and infinite’s articles!! (photos credit to my friend SAKI, I didn’t bring my camera)

Before we left, we asked for PHOTO!! kekeke~ and dongwoo’s mummy taught us how to pose like dongwoo. She said that’s DONGWOO TRADEMARK~! LOL she is so cuteee~ >v< She asked to to stand closer too~ kekeke

here’s the group pic of us~ ^^ (i’m the fattest….XP)

a cookie that given by dongwoo’s mummy. I guess this is one of the gifts that given by infinite fans to dongwoo’s mom~ LOLOLOL

anyway, we feel so grateful~ ^^

Since we’re the last customer, we wanna help them to clean the dishes and table. Dongwoo’s mummy said: NO NO NO!!! she stopped us from doing that~ then we just helped dongwoo’s sister to fix the cushions. We left together with dongwoo’s mum and sister. 


(another boring update? XDDD)

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